Finally, A User-Friendly Evernote Desktop Application For Linux

written by milan June 20, 2017

Evernote’s Official Support

Since the beginning, Evernote supported access to their service through a variety of platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android

But one important platform is missing. Can you see it? Linux.

Here’s Evernote’s official statement on the matter:

While we appreciate and value the Linux community, we are a relatively small organization without sufficient resources to build and maintain a native Linux client for Evernote, particularly given the relatively small number of users of the platform in a desktop context.  (Source)

And who’s to blame them? Linux users consist of a small percentage (1% to 3%) of all desktop users, and are often overlooked. Until now.

ForeverNote – An Unofficial, Open-Source Evernote Linux Desktop Client

Enter ForeverNote (get it? for Evernote) – an open-source Evernote desktop client made for Linux. ForeverNote runs on Java, namely on a JavaFX GUI, and boasts the most user-friendly experience out of all Evernote clients for Linux. There have been a ton of other clients created for Linux in the past, although there is an inconsistency between them all in terms of functionality, performance, UI, and utility. ForeverNote aims to solve this by drawing inspiration for the user interface from the official Evernote Windows desktop client, and using Evernote Web as the back-end.

Below is a comparison between the official Evernote client and ForeverNote.

Official Evernote Client

ForeverNote Client


ForeverNote is supported on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. via a standalone Jar file, or via installation from Deb, Exe, and Msi files.

These files are available on Sourceforge linked here.

And the GitHub repository is linked here.


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